Transitioning your child into school

We encourage parents to get in touch with the school well in advance if you would like to enrol your  pre-schooler.  Your child will be able to visit the school a few times, for part of the day, as part of the Seedlings Programme before s/he turns five. 

You can assist your child’s preparation for school in the following ways:  

Work towards: * holding a book correctly  * holding and using a pencil correctly.  *writing and recognising their own name.  * using capital letters for the first letters only.  * recognising some letters of the alphabet  *know some of the letters sounds  *counting to 10 and knowing some other numbers - also what comes before and after a number  *recognising basic shapes   *recognising colours (colouring-in skills would be an advantage). 

Support Self-Management and Organisation skills by:  * being able to tell the teacher what they need or want  *toilet independently  *carry their own bag to the classroom  *listen and follow instructions     *put things away in the right place at the right time  *put on their shoes and socks  *cough into their sleeve and how to blow their nose (tissues are available) 

Daily you could help your child by: * ask them about their learning   *talk about the good things that happened in their day  *read to and with your child  *help your child to complete home learning tasks as required. 

Other ways you as a parent can support your child’s learning:  *start the day with a positive attitude and a balanced diet ( The right food /fuel is essential) *provide a healthy lunch  *minimise treats in the lunchbox    *a good-sized water bottle (as we are a water-only school). a *having your child at school by 8.50 am (as this allows them to be organised for the day)  *regular and consistent bedtimes   *parents please check  your child has the things they need for the day - eg, stationery, lunch, library books, homework. 

It is really important to ask questions if you are not sure.   No question is an unnecessary one!